Beat Buzz News was born in late 2018 as a free fanzine to distribute in record stores to promote our favourite music and events and our releases at Beatbuzz Records. After 2 issues the social media channels were born, sharing all the music we love. After a while emails and messages started arriving from bands, labels and artists to review and share their releases so we decided to start the website and give it a shot at curating a proper blog and a series of playlists. If you'd like to see your music featured please get in touch and check out the website.

  • Issue #2

    ISSUE 2 of our ever evolving FREE fanzine Beatbuzz News is out now! Check out the web version. Also available in record shops around the UK and in Austin TX! Get in touch if you’d like a copy!... More

  • Issue #1

    Beatbuzz Records own fanzine is OUT NOW... More

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