Currently focusing on our compilations series to be released throughout 2023, please submit your music to dan@beatbuzzrecords.com / hi@beatbuzzrecords.com

Since March 2020 we’ve been asking ourselves the following question, how has the artists’ creativity and inspiration to produce music been impacted by lockdowns, tour cancellations, social distance and restrictions?
We thought the best way to answer this question was to ask it directly to the artists that haven’t stopped for a second in the past 12 months and managed to write, record and release great music. To see what they had to say about this, what better way to do it than to share their homespun creations?
All profits from the physical sales of the compilations (CD and Cassettes) will be donated to the organisations defending grass root venues and directly to some of our favourite venues.

At a time when music venues are closing down every week, the Music Venue Trust has been pretty much the only hope for many venues – aside from direct support from fans and some exceptionally nice landlords – to save as many venues as possible as well as creating awareness around the critical position those real temples of the underground are in all the time. We want to thank them and other organisations with these compilations and thank the artists who contributed their tracks.