Homebrew Vol.1 – Homespun sounds from the great indoors

A celebration of creativity during unprecedented times.

Since March 2020 we’ve been asking ourselves the following question, how has the artists’ creativity and inspiration to produce music been impacted by lockdowns, tour cancellations, social distance and restrictions?
We thought the best way to answer this question was to ask it directly to the artists that haven’t stopped for a second in the past 12 months and managed to write, record and release great music. To see what they had to say about this, what better way to do it than to share their homespun creations?
We put together 18 brilliant and diverse tracks. 18 artists from 6 different countries either got in touch, submitted music or got contacted by us directly, their response and creations are all brilliant and we are honoured to have been given those tracks to share with you all. All profits from the physical release of Homespun Vol. 1 will be donated to the Music Venue Trust so we encourage you to put your hands on one. They are available on our Bandcamp for a minimum contribution of £5.

At a time when music venues are closing down every week, the Music Venue Trust has been pretty much our only hope – aside from direct support from fans and some exceptionally nice landlords – to save as many venues as possible as well as creating awareness around the critical position those real temples of the underground are in all the time. We want to thank them with this compilation and thank the artists who contributed their tracks.

This compilation is the first volume of our ‘Homebrew’ series with more to be released, all with the goal to share amazing cross genre tunes created since this whole madness started. 

Available digitally and in a limited edition cassette – beatbuzzrecords.bandcamp.com/album/homebrew-vol-1

About Beatbuzz Records

Beatbuzz Records was born in Brixton in 2018, started by two Italian music-addicts and dedicated to music without boundaries or borders. Currently based in an attic in Norwich, since the pandemic started we have been observing the musical world from our roof-light while writing reviews and interviews on our blog and releasing music waiting for it all to be over.
The Beatbuzz release priority is music that moves us and hopefully you, be that mind or body, so expect enthusiastic genre-hopping and the embrace of enticing sounds from dream-pop to punk, industrial metal through bass-bin bothering techno. Home of pan-national studio project NKOS and proud management for Bristol heavy duo Polemics, Beatbuzz Records also curate and publish the blog and fanzine Beat Buzz News
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Intercom – Right Here (US)
NKOS – BOW (Brave Old World) alternative version (ITA)
Modern Guilt – Hoping for the Hoping (UK)
Adult DVD – Broken English (UK)
The Fades – TV Nation (UK)
Polemics – Hegemon (UK)
Blue Statue – V.F. (UK)
Gaylips – D.E.B. Don’t Eat Bats (UK)
Bunko – Entertainment (UK)
Age of Iguana – Otherside (AUS)
The Jackdaw – Disappointed (UK)
The Grasping Straws – Help (US)
Public Nature – Hey You (US)
Stuntdriver – Fugitive (US)
Mark Hex – Down and out in a pre-woke age (UK)
Acid Fader – Romanov (MEX)
Tanglers – Hey You (CAN)
Will Taylor – Sleepless Nights (UK)


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