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Hailing from Bristol, UK, Polemics are Nathan Smith and Jeff Ingle (Yo No Se), school friends united by a passion for heavy music. They officially formed in 2019 and after a series of ferocious live shows they established themselves as an exciting emerging fixture of the Bristol live scene. 

Polemics deftly combine their natural edge, attitude and fury with skilled musicianship and hugely bombastic drums. The elements of hardcore and angry vocals are matched with songwriting, chunky riffs and a pop sensibility. They are naming The Mars Volta and Smashing Pumpkins as big influences whereas blogs and fans are calling comparisons with IDLES, Fugazi and Primus.


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NKOS are Flavio Manieri, Chris Shape, Nancy Natali and Marcus Billeri. They blend lush vocals, production savvy, old school musicianship & dj skills into a real live band. Drawn together through a love of all things 4AD and a good night out, they are where trip hop meets the dance floor, and where electronica meets indie. The end results move seamlessly “from light to dark”.
Brought together through luck, friendships & the internet, their diverse influences are their strength, bringing a powerful meld of edge with harmony, synth with techno, industrial and electro. Their dense innovative sound drew praise and immediate interest from such luminaries as Jagz Kooner (production/ mix credits inc Massive Attack, Primal Scream, Manics, Rammstein) who, in the early stages of the projec got behind the controls & has brought additional production on three tracks on the album.
After releasing 4 singles to great reviews, NKOS are now ready to share their debut “From Dust To Life”.

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