Monocle live @ Zed Alley – Bristol, UK – 01.12.2018

Punka Presents: Martyrials – Monocle – Little Baby Sharks

Posted by Punka on Monday, 15 October 2018

It’s the final Punka of 2018 so lets go out with a BANG!!

Our demon drag queen host Ruby Rawbone is serving up 3 deliciously fierce and fun bands for you to dance to! We are in a fairly new live venue known as Zed Alley for this one so come along and see what the buzz is about.

December 1st is World AIDs Day so a portion of the entry fee will be donated to The Terence Higgins Trust in Bristol.

Community-based sexual health services operating out of the Central Health Clinic, Bristol. They offer community-based HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing at various locations and offer training in HIV awareness and LGBTQ sexual health.

Save the date Saturday 1st of Dec for ultimate Punka shenanigans! 🙂


High energy psychedelic synth-punk, the ruthlessly creative and creatively ruthless brothers and sister band Martyrials [MARR•TEER•EELS] produce an undeniably explosive blend of all killer, no filler punk, glam and Rock and Roll,
Punk ethics meet space-delay driven psychedelia like if the Ramones had synthesizers or if System of a Down met the B-52’s and often compared to the erratic sounds of Cardiacs.


4-piece grunge/punk lovechild, Monocle was formed in 2016 in Bristol, UK, by Nathan Smith (guitar), Jeff Ingle (drums) and Becky Whitlock (vocals). They spent a year locked away, thrashing out songs of heartbreak and hedonism, during which time Louis Barnes joined them on bass.
Emerging onto the scene in 2017, they found themselves sharing bills with Bristol’s punk regulars. This punk incubation – and the hard knocks of austerity Britain – turned their focus to corruption, decay and the emptiness of our digitalised era.
Channeling Idles’ fierce social commentary, the anguished brute force of the Smashing Pumpkins and the Mars Volta’s experimental hardcore, Monocle reject the empty platitudes of mainstream music.
Theirs is a call for collective outrage to shake up an increasingly apathetic world.

Little Baby Sharks

Dual vocal three piece pop-punk from bristol. no, not that kind of pop punk, the good kind. new e.p dropping in november. check out our debut release courtesy of Invisible Llama Records om spotify now!

Entry is just £6 and tickets will go on sale soon. Remember a portion of it will go to a good cause.

Keep an eye on this event for more info in the coming weeks.