Yo No Se w/ Polemics, Benzo Queen @ The Crown

Yo No Se’s last show of 2021 with support from our boys POLEMICS.
Come down to Bristol’s latest venue – the Crown – in the heart of St Nicks Market. Underground and loud. Tickets very limited so lets get down and have an awesome evening.
Support comes from the amazing Polemics and Benzo Queen
Tickets £5







A 4 day musical adventure at The Mothers Ruin.

Monocle play Day 1 at 9pm.

Thursday 18th of April
Everything Else 7.30pm
Twin Siblings 8pm*
Grandmas House 8.30pm
Monocle 9pm*
Liip 9.30pm
Chang 10pm*
The Backhand Jags 10.30pm

Friday 19th of April
Little Islands 7.30pm
Esuna 8pm*
Olanza 8.30pm
Hops 9pm*
Oilmen 9.30pm
FES 10pm*
Alkahest 10.30pm

Saturday 20th of April
Jak James 6.30pm
The Slimline Shufflers 7.30pm
Mike Crawford and the Various Sorrows 8.30pm
Clay Bottom Jug Busters 9.30pm
The King Dukes 10.30pm

Sunday 21st of April
Second Hand Arms dealer 7.30pm
Football FC 8.15pm
Deccan Traps 9pm
Age Decay 9.45pm
Downard 10.40pm