Misery Loves Co.

We are so proud to have collaborated with legendary Swedish Industrial Misery Loves Co. in 2 limited releases. A limited double A side single edition on 7″ vinyl of their 2 comeback singles and 6 months later a collaboration with Universal Music Sweden for the re-release of a limited 25th anniversary edition of their 1994 debut album to mark also the 50th anniversary of MNW Music who released the album in Sweden.

In the 90’s they were considered one of the greatest industrial metal-bands in the world.
They even received a Swedish Grammis (Swedish version of the Grammys) for their second
album “Not Like Them” and singer Patrik Wirén was named one of Sweden’s biggest rock
stars in the leading newspaper Expressen during the 90’s twice.
Misery Loves Co. wasn’t just for the Swedes… their self-titled debut album was on the 100
greatest metal albums of all time-list in Kerrang! and the band had a big following all
around the world. The band toured mainly in Europe, doing shows with acts such as
Slayer, Machine head, Peace Love & Pitbulls, Entombed, Fear Factory and Paradise Lost as well as US tours with Deftones supporting them in New York. Unfortunately for music fans
all over the world, after their third album, the critically acclaimed “Your Vision Was Never
Mine To Share”, the band split-up.

When MISERY LOVES CO. returned in 2016 and hit the main stages at some of
Europe’s leading metal festivals some might have thought of it as a temporary return. But a
year later a new song, the instant Misery-classic “Would You?”, was released.
17 years after their critically acclaimed third album “Your Vision Was Never Mine To
Share” the band proved themselves better than ever before. More shows followed, both in
the US and in Europe and soon after… “Suburban Breakdown” was released and it
might well be their strongest song to date. Just like in the past the band manage to mix
aggressiveness with melody and innovativeness with an impressive songwriting. The
chorus might be the best thing you’ll hear all year.

The band is set to release their new album at the end of 2019. The album will not be released on Black Lodge Records, amazing Swedish record label working exclusively within the metal reals so definitely a great fit for them! Hopefully we’ll keep collaborating with the band in the future on some limited editions!


We are:

Patrik Wirén – Vocals
Örjan Örnkloo – Guitar, Programming
Michael Hahne – Guitar

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