NKOS share their moodiest proposition to date ‘Can’t Wait’
Out digitally on 13th November on Beatbuzz Records 

‘Dark and seductive… spine tingling, synth driven’

‘a dystopian treat’
Judging by this, we simply cannot wait for their debut album ‘From Dust To Life‘ to drop’ Last Day Deaf

‘dense, trippy, and kaleidoscopic simultaneously’

‘NKOS induce a sonic seizure’
Odd Nugget

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Just 3 singles in, Beatbuzz Records proteges NKOS have now signed a new publishing deal with London based OML Sync and had 2 tracks snapped up for a (HUGE) series coming out in 2021 on a shall-remain-unnamed-global-streaming service..
Their moody, dark synth and driving rhythms have an obvious cinematic quality that wraps its beats tightly around you, so filtering through to the tastemakers, ad-land and soundtrack compilers with indecent haste was always going to happen. 

‘Can’t Wait’ is the bands moodiest proposition to date, still moving the isolation dancefloor and incorporating a muscular New Order bassline, a late night ‘Siouxsie at the disco’ synth vibe, ‘Disintegration’ drums and bringing Nancy Natali’s seductive vocals to the fore… proving the dead can indeed dance. Surviving The Golden Age said the band include industrial rock, EDM and house music amongst their palette, and all the elements are blended here – weaving a path through the early hours with malice. It’s a hugely atmospheric and powerful journey through the eighties new wave scene but through twisted contemporary filters – and it’s brilliant. NKOS are making big waves for a reason.

The debut album ‘From Dust To Life’ has been set for an early 2021 release, featuring tracks co-produced by Jagz Kooner, with mixing and mastering by Maurizio Baggio – known for his work alongside Boy Harsher and The Soft Moon. Aside from the ubiquitous digital release, expect hipster-friendly metal-boxed cassettes and a bold array of promotional activity.


You spend words on me
to smooth out my soul
I know they’re really meant for
someone else’s ego

Now you’re about to
hit the road
can’t wait for you to
leave me alone

Why do you spend words on me
to smooth out my soul
I know they’re really meant for
someone else’s ego

And now you’re about to
hit the road
I can’t wait for you to
leave me alone

About NKOS
Initially a pan-national studio-based project, NKOS has evolved into a full band, one set to thrill on stages around the world. Brought together by friendship, the internet and sometimes sheer luck, NKOS comprise four artists from very different backgrounds – and locations – who share a love of deep, edgy electronica. Singer/songwriter Nancy Natali was born in Australia but grew up in Geneva and Rome, her beautiful vocals honed in bands of indie/alternative leanings. Producer Flavio Manieri perfected his electronic house and pop sonics, filtered through a love for the Cocteau Twins and Portishead, between Poland and Italy, and it was in Rimini that he met renowned producer and DJ Chris Shape, whose studio skills have enhanced many dance-music anthems as well as the acid techno of Franz and Shape. Stoner-psych-rock guitarist Marcus Billeri, meanwhile, lives in Paris. These diverse upbringings and influences only play to NKOS’ strengths, resulting in a powerful, harmonic mix of synth-based techno, industrial and electro. Their dense, innovative sound piqued the interest of producer Jagz Kooner (Massive Attack, Primal Scream, Manic Street Preachers, Rammstein), who co-produced three of the tracks on NKOS’ debut album.

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