Beatbuzz Records is a brand new record label started by Toby and Rupert in Shoreditch…
No, of course it’s not.
Beatbuzz is based in South London between Elephant & Castle and Peckham, started by two Italian music-addicts and dedicated to music without boundaries or borders.  The Beatbuzz release priority is music that moves us and hopefully you, be that mind or body, so expect enthusiastic genre-hopping and the embrace of enticing sounds from dream-pop to punk, industrial metal through bass-bin bothering techno.

Beatbuzz Records has a DIY spirit but professional approach and we intend to deliver… on vinyl, download, gigs, t-shirts, fanzines – please sign up now to be entertained or get involved and send some music. Initial scheduled releases are from Bristol, Italy and Scandinavia. Put yourself on the map too.