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  • NKOS – From Dust To Life

    ‘Dark and seductive… spine tingling, synth driven’‘a dystopian treat’ Last Day Deaf ‘dense, trippy, and kaleidoscopic simultaneously’ Aupium‘NKOS induce a sonic seizure’ Odd Nugget   NKOS are the ultimate slow-burn project… moving at a truly glacial pace,... More

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  • Issue #2

    ISSUE 2 of our ever evolving FREE fanzine Beatbuzz News is out now! Check out the web version. Also available in record shops around the UK and in Austin TX! Get in touch if you’d like a copy!... More

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Brand new record imprint based in Brixton but with ears cast far and wide , Beatbuzz Records aims to be a London hub for an international roster of diverse, challenging sounds that move us – and move you. From Dream Pop to Techno, Industrial metal to political-punk, we want to cherry-pick the sweetest sounds, defined by quality not genre. Our DIY approach and enthusiasm will be eclipsed only by a professionalism that comes from years promoting and organising festivals – Beatbuzz Records is here to deliver!